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Magnet Grant Staff

20 Reasons art is GOOD for kids

  1. Art stimulates both sides of the brain
  2. 33% of children are visual learners
  3. Studies show that children who do art read better and do better in math & science
  4. Children need to learn through their senses and art is an excellent way of doing this
  5. Children must have a place in school to express themselves
  6. Art enhances self-esteem
  7. Art enhances awareness of the physical environment
  8. Art develops hand-eye coordination
  9. Art enhances perceptual development
  10. Art teachers open-ended thinking.  It presents a culture of questions rather than a culture of answers
  11. Art teaches children that there can be more than one solution to the same problem
  12. Art teaches children how to engage in creative problem solving
  13. Children can share and reflect on their art to learn about themselves, each other, and the world in which they live
  14. When art is integrated with other curriculum areas children become more engaged in the learning process
  15. In the process of art making a child is presented with possibility, discovery, and freedom thereby disrupting the control and predictability of conventional education found in the US today
  16. Art nurtures the human soul (It feels good doing it, too!)
  17. Art brings the community’s cultural resources into the classroom
  18. Art involves parents and guardians in school governance and volunteer activities
  19. Art provides a means, a common ground, to reach across racial stereotypes, barriers, and prejudices
  20. Art is valuable for its own sake!